Ambassadors Forum

  • The Gospel as Apologetic (ppt, pdf)
  • Christianity and Critical Race Theory (ppt, pdf)
  • Does Christianity Promote or Prevent Justice (ppt, pdf)

Walnut Creek Church

  • Christianity and Critical Theory (ppt, pdf)
  • Thinking Biblically About Race, Gender, and Justice (ppt, pdf)

Reasonable Faith – Collin County

  • Christianity and Critical Race Theory (ppt, pdf)

ACCS – Repairing the Ruins

  • Christianity and “Wokeness” (ppt, pdf)

Trinity Forum:

Ratio Christi:


Defend the Faith 2020:

Colson Fellows:

  • Social Justice, Critical Theory, and Christianity: Are They Compatible?  – slides (pdf)

Defend the Faith 2019:

  • Apologetics In The Academy -slides (pdf, ppt)
  • Apologetics In The Academy – notes (doc, pdf)
  • Christianity and CT – slides (pdf, ppt)
  • Christianity and CT – notes (doc, pdf)
  • Gospel as Apologetic – slides (pdf, ppt)
  • Gospel as Apologetic – notes (doc, pdf)
  • Miracles and QM – slides (pdf, ppt)
  • Miracles and QM – slides (doc, pdf)
  • Science and Religion – slides (pdf, ppt)
  • Science and Religion – notes (doc, pdf)

Faith Ascent

  • Critical Theory and Christianity – (ppt, pdf)
  • Gospel as Apologetic – (ppt, pdf)