Race and Christianity – Book Reviews

In light of the horrific killings of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, many churches and Christian organizations have scrambled to assemble books lists to help fellow believers learn about race. Unfortunately, these recommendations rarely come with guidance about the extent to which a particular book is helpful or biblical. In particular, little is said about the ideology of critical race theory, which is playing an increasingly important role in our culture and even among evangelicals.

Below, I’ve compiled my reviews of popular books on race, many of which I’ve seen recommended recently by Christians. We should always be willing to let books challenge our views. But we should also always read them with discernment, subjecting authors to biblical scrutiny and weighing what they say against the Bible. Some of these books will do far more harm than good to the pursuit of racial unity within the Church.

See short summaries below. Click on links for the full review.

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