Blackstone Fortress Strategy Guide – Part 4


Observation #4: Inspired characters are extremely powerful.

Each hero can become ‘inspired’ during an expedition. When a character is inspired, they flip over their hero card, revealing new statistics. Inspired characters often have stronger attacks, additional abilities, and reduced attack costs. They retain their inspiration throughout the Expedition. Consequently, getting characters inspired as early into the Expedition as possible is very important.

Characters can become inspired in several different ways. First, any character can inspire by trading in 3 inspiration tokens. To receive an inspiration token, a character must roll the 20-sided Blackstone die and obtain a number less than or equal to the number of enemy wounds they inflected that round (with the exception of Dahyek, who has to roll a number less than or equal to twice the number of wounds he inflicted).

Second, three characters have inspiration conditions: UR-025, Taddeus, and Pious. These conditions all involve killing certain types of enemies in certain ways. UR-025’s condition is fairly easy to meet. Pious’ condition is harder and Taddeus’ condition is the most difficult.

Third, four characters (Janus, Amallyn, Espern, and the Ratling Twins) have secret agendas in the form of items found at discovery points. If a character possesses his secret agenda card, he is permanently inspired not only for that particular Expedition, but for the rest of the game.

Tip 4A: Switch to characters who are permanently inspired.

Because inspiration is so powerful, if you discover a character’s secret agenda, someone should consider switching onto that character for future expeditions. Keep in mind that items can be traded back and forth during the Precipice phase, so if Amallyn obtains Janus’ secret agenda at a discovery point, she can hand it to him once they are on board their ships. Don’t be so wedded to a character that you pass up the chance to play a permanently inspired character.

The exceptions are UR-025, who will always be needed as the primary tank, and Espern Locarno who is generally an underwhelming character.

Tip #4B: Set up characters to meet their inspiration conditions.

If you have a chance to inspire a character, take it, even if the play is suboptimal. For example, to inspire, UR-025 has to kill a spindle drone with his power claw. Normally, you would not send UR-025 off by himself to melee an enemy. But in this case, you should. Inspiration is worth it.

Setting up conditions for Pious and Taddeus to meet their inspiration conditions may likewise take some work, but it will pay tremendous dividends later on in the expedition.

Tip #4C: Shunt inspiration points to key characters.

After every initiative cycle, you’ll roll the Blackstone die and an event will take place. There is a chance that the group leader will be able to award an inspiration point to a player of his choice. Don’t spread these points around in an attempt to ‘be fair.’ Pick the character whose inspired form provides the most benefit to the team, and give him all the points until he can inspire. Usually, UR-25 should be inspired first, because inspiration improves his mobility.

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